Saturday, April 28, 2007

Get in Gear ??

Boy after todays run I need to get it in gear !!! The day started with going down to the "Get in Gear 10k" race. Sonya and a bunch of our friends from the store where running. I had the kids today and Sinya was running. It was a bit warmer that what we have been used to at this time of the day so it seemed to take a bit out of people. I thought all in all people ran super good. I was very proud of Sonya. It is not easy to go race when you know you are not at your best.

After the race Sonya took over with the kids and I got to go out for my run. I desided to go to one of my favorite places to run the MN river bottoms. It sure was warm at 2pm ! To make matters worse I was not smart and had not eaten at all or drank much water before hand. So guess what..... I felt like crap and cut it short at 5 miles. I need to be better than that.

Later that night Sonya had a great B-day party for me. Bunch of peopl came over and we hung out by the fire pit and drank lot's of beer and had cake !!! How's that for a way to end the day. Better luck tomarrow on the run.

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