Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Running with Greg

Today I got out for a run with my friend Greg Sorenson. We deside to run a loop of his from his house. It is always fun to run different places. I find sometimes I run alot of the same places, so change was good. I always have a good time running with Greg as we like to talk about alot of the same things. Greg has been training so good this year and has had two preety good races this spring. He just WON the Fools 5 mile race last weekend in some tuff wind.

The run was good. It felt good to run with someone and I got to run on the dirt path for a bunch of the run. I LOVE the dirt ! We ran a good 7 miles. Now if I could just more runs like that.

Now that the snow is gone and with any luck the rain dies down I will be able to run more on the trails by the river bottoms. I like to wait a while in the spring so I do not mess up the trail to much early on.

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Gregg said...

nice site...glad you sent me the link.
check out mine, just put it up a couple of weeks ago.
PR has it as a link on his page.