Monday, April 16, 2007

Not sure ?

So today I ran on the trails around Cedar lake and up in Theo Wirth park. I love these trails. This is two Mondays in a row here. The hills just do not stop, but I like it. I am not in top shape yet but when I am it feels so good to just roll up and down them over and over. It sure felt hot today. I guess part of it is because we just are not used to it yet. Maybe my body is just thinking there will be another 20' degree day yet to come ? I hope not. So I think all in all it was like a 8-9 mile day. It felt not great but not super bad either. So what to do about Trail Mix 50k this Saturday ? Do I just suck it up and do it ? Or do I just keep on training ? That is a tuff one. I think my gut says just do it. Treat it like a long run. I believe it is going to be messy out there. I will keep you all posted.


Gregg said...

nice to see all is going well.
check out my title to my Tuesday run...small world isn't it?

kurt decker said...


That is funny. Yea the older I get the smaller it seems to be. Keep at it my friend. I look foward to watching you run at Grandma's.