Friday, April 27, 2007

Birthday run

So today is my birthday !!! Yea I love birthdays. It was a great day for me. It started out with morning rolls with me girls. Then Sonya brought me lunch at work. It was so good to eat luch with her. We do not get to do that very often. So to cap it all off we droped Evan off with my parents and Sonya and I got a good 7 mile run in on the Luce Line trail. It is soft and flat !!! Perfect for today. We did 5 1 min pick up towards the end. They felt pretty good and Sonya seemed to do pretty good with them. She is running Get in Gear 10k this weekend. I do not think it will be a super burnner of a race for her but I think she could be suprised. She has been sick but she is one tuff cookie. To cap off the day we saw the movie 300. It was pretty good !

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