Monday, April 9, 2007

Dirt sweet dirt

Today I went out to the trail along Cedar Lake and up and around Theo Wirth park. I got in a good 8 miles. It felt so good to be out there. This was just the way to get a pick me up for the week. The trails there are just so nice. You would never think you are just a few miles outside of downtown Mpls. There are many hills which is a great workout. The trails are still a bit soft in a few spots, but not to bad. They say we have some snow comming ? I hope not !!! With Trail Mix 50k in 2 weeks I do not want it to be so super soft out there. I wore the new Montrail Nitrus shoes. They where pretty good. They felt way better running than when I first tried them on. They felt stiff but after running in them I would give them a good vote. I remember thinking the same thing about the Montrail Leona Divide and then after running like 3 or 4 times in them they became my favorites.

Hey Evan how big are you ? SOOOOO BIG

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