Sunday, April 8, 2007

Not so good

This weekend we where down in Madison,WI for the USATF 100k running championships. It was going to be Sonya's 1st ultra like this. A few years ago she took part in a 50k trail race with me but did not consider it running since the trail was so rocky she felt like she was walking she was going so slow. That being said she has training so good and was ready to run ! We also had our friend Patrick Russell running as well. Pat has been on the last two USA teams at the world 100k champs.

Come race morning it was as we had hoped it would not be. Cold and windy ! I believe it was like 6' wind chill at the start. Not good ! This was going to be a crazy day. It was up to Evan and I to make the best of it for the next few hours. As Mom started out and ran by we cheerd out the van window. It was great to see her off and running. As the day went on the runners where trying to make the best of it all. Pat was hanging in a solid 2nd the whole way, only like 20 feet behind the leader. They went past 50k in like 3:20 or so. Pretty fast for such a bad day. When Sonya came by she was in like 3rd or 4th in like 4:04. Solid 50k time ! Not long after that we found out Pat's race was over. A pulled muscle had done him in. Many runners where dropping out at that point. At 50 miles Sonya was at like 6:50 or so. Not bad and only a little while to go. It was looking good, or so we thought. When she came by at the 90k mark she said she had just gotten so cold. I gave her a jacket and she was wanting to walk it out. Not long after that she was brought back to the finish area with hypothermia. Her body temp was like 92' ! Her day was done just 5 miles short of 100k and a 4th place finish.

Much was learned that day. We found out how quickly things can change in a race. But we also saw that Sonya had trained so well and when wanting can become very very good at these things. Will she run this aging ? We will see but she made me proud.

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