Saturday, April 21, 2007

Trail Mix 50k

The first race of the year is over, yea !!! Today was the Trail Mix 50k race. I have run this race like 6 or 7 times. It is a great way to start out the year. The race also has a 25k solo option and 50k team relay that start after the 50k solo runners. That is nice because it gives you people to run with and/ or chase. Going into this race I knew I was not in bad shape but also not in super shape. My total volume was way down for the year so far. That being said I new I had to make sure I did not hammer to much at first. I was pround of myself for running pretty even. My lap splits where 58:41, 58:14, 1:01:02, and 1:06:10 for a time of 4:04:35. I belive I was 5th place overall. That last lap was a bunch of work and showed my lack of total volume, but I hung in there pretty good I thought. Still have alot of work to do but I am happy.


Gregg said...

Congrats on a great run Kurt! You did pretty well given your low volume.

Chad said...

Yeah, nice job Kurt. Love the photo. It looks like those 4 gals are chasing you.

kurt decker said...

Thanks guys !!! Well you know how the ladies like to chase the ultra dudes.