Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hyland trails & more

Today I got out for a run at Hyland Park trails in Bloomington. I got in a solid 9 miles. It had been awhile since I ran out there and thought with Trail Mix coming up next week I should get a run in and see how the trail was looking. There was lot's of people out there today. Not surprising since it was like 50' and sunny today. It felt good to be on the trail and it was very pretty. The only problem was that I felt so crappy during the run. I had no energy what so ever. Now part of that was self inflicted since I had nothing much to eat last night and nothing at all in the morning. My bad !!!

Later in the day I got out for a second run at French park with Sonya. It was nice because my Mom took the kids on a walk at the park and Sonya and I got to get out for a 4+ mile run on the trails. I still felt crappy but I am happy to have been able to share that time with Sonya.

This is on the HURT 100 trail in Hawaii

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