Thursday, April 12, 2007

Double header

Now today was quite the day of running for me. Not only was it nice once more, but I got to run twice today. First off what a nice feeling to run in shorts and much sunshine !! I ran after work today with Greg Sorenson from his place. Greg lives close to the store which works out very good in order for us to get runs in. Greg was looking for a easy 7 miles and I was just looking for someone to run with, so it was perfect. Now sometimes it seems like I tend to push the pace when I run with people like Greg or Jason Minnick or such. I think it is inside of me that they are faster than me so there easy is faster than mine ? Either way I need to chill out. We did get in our nice 7+ mile run around the Lakes and back to his pace no problem.

It was funny during the run because we talked about if people think about what they would say if they won a race while still running in the race and leading. I have not been in a spot like that many in my life. That being said 2 of the few times I have been leading a race I have fallen into that trap and go figure both times I ended up getting beat to the finish at the end !! One time was in a 50 mile trail race and I lead like 47 or 48 of the 50 miles. That sucked. Note to Kurt: DO NOT do that ever do that !! Well anyway it was a funny thing to talk about and made the time go by fast.

So for the second part of the double header Evan and I got to run with Sonya for her first run since the race. It was so good to be out with her. I think she was a tad stiff but seemed to feel better as the run went on. We got in a solid 28 min's so I figure like 3 miles or such. So heck I ended up with a 10 mile day, not bad.

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