Monday, April 23, 2007

Back at it

So after one day of rest my body was feeling pretty good so I desided to get back into the groove and try going for a run. I knew it was not going to be much of a run but heck something was going to be better than nothing. After I got off work was planning on running some trails at Theo Wirth park but I got a call from Sonya. She was having a bad day and wanted to talk. So to kill two birds with one stone I went home and went for a run with Sonya. It was great to get out with her and talk. We did a little loop from home on the parkway to Lake Harriet and back home. It was only like 4 miles for me but I felt pretty good. Still a bit stiff and such but nothing different from what one might expect after a 50k trail race. Tomarrow I will try to go more around 6 or 7 miles I think. One step at a time !!

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