Thursday, November 20, 2008

Races for 2009 ?

So I figure with this down time before my sports hernia surgery on Dec 5th I should start thinking about what I would like to do race wise in 2009. Maybe that would give me something to look forward to while I heel up for a few weeks. I hope things go like last time I had this done and I should be back at full strengh by Feb 1st 2009. That being said there was a few early races that are now gone off the list and I am going to lay off anything longer than 50k till like May or so.

This is a few of the races I am kicking around. Let me know what you think I should do. I know I can not do them all but I am looking at what to connect up for a good season of races. I plan to go back to my old training with much more speed work mixed in every week with some great LONG LONG runs !!!

One thing is certain. With the girls starting to run more and with Evan's skill with the headlap. I will have some good pacers out there with me.

March- Human Race 8k

April- The Chip 50k, Get in Gear 10k

May- Ice Age 50 mile, New Prague 1/2 marathon, Brian Kraft 5k

June- Kettle Moraine 100k, Fans 12 or 24 hour run, Grandma's marathon

July- Afton 50k, Half Voyageur marathon, Lumberjack Days 10 mile, Voyageur 50 miler

August- Leadville 100 mile, Mdra 15k, Trans Rockies stage race

September- City of lakes 25k, Victory 10k

October- Twin Cities marathon, Fall 50 miler

November- Surf the murph 50k, JFK 50 miler, New York City marathon

December- Sunmart 50 miler


Helen said...

I didn't read your full post at first and just looked at the list of races - thinking - he's nuts! But ok, not planning to do ALL of the races. Well, I am biased towards Chippewa, Grandma's, Afton and Voyaguer as I think they are all great races. And spaced pretty well so all could be done. I'm going to opt for Madison next year over Grandma's as the timing suits me a little better. The Trans Rockies is definitely on my future list. I enjoyed reading up on people's experiences this year. Revenge on Leadville 100 next year?!

I like the sound of your training plans. I am thinking the same. With a good base of strength training needed first...

Carl Gammon said...

I definitely vote for Chippewa Morraine 50K in April. It's great fun and should be even better without the snow we had last year.

SteveQ said...

You have to do Chippewa! It'll never be like the first year again, but it'll still be a blast.

Skip FANS and Kettle - I want to tap you as a pacer for me at FANS!

Julie B said...

Hi! I was just thinking the same thing: what shall I run in 2009? I had so much dang fun this year I am thinking I want to repeat it again in '09. At least now I know I need to run Leadville FASTER and that the 14 hour cut off at 50 miles is a joke. Run and Learn :) We definately have to go back and finish that one.

rob horton said...

hey kurt - it was good hearing your voice the other day. i think i want in on the afton 50k. here is my email:


rob horton said...

hey kurt - i am changing my possible plans for 2009 - instead of afton i am looking at a 50k in kansas link. i am possible going to do the tc marathon up there on 10.3.2009. i am going to be up there on 10.2.2009 for my cousins wedding and my sister is talking about doing the tc as her first.