Sunday, November 16, 2008

Edge Beer cup / take #2

** Take two. You could tell looking at my first post on this I was half asleep. Sorry !! I think this should read better. Also for those wanting to know what my Edge beer cup is it is a relay with two runners. Each person alternates drinking a beer then running a 1/4 mile till each person has done 4 beers and run 1 mile. It is crazy fun.

So this weekend was a good one. On Saturday morning Sonya and Evan went out to the Chaska Cross Country Turkey Day 5k race with Kyra. Paul sat with Evan while Sonya and Paul's daughter Amy ran with Kyra. She did it in like 30:30 for her second 5k race ever. I meant so much to Kyra to have Amy run with her !!!

Saturday was also the 4th Edge Beer cup relays at our house. Dave Help was by numbers sake the first runner done, but many of us thought of Sonya and Josh Moen of team usa MN won. Sonya's team was second overall ( Dave ran as a solo with Liz doing the drinking of the partner and Sean doing the running ) but the first real team with two runners. My hat's off to Dave and Liz/Sean but it is still not the same. Nick and I where next,which was great with us !!! Here are a few pictures and the results.

( A total of 8 beers and two miles run for each team )
1st A. Dave and Liz/Sean 17:54
1st B. Sonya and Josh 18:04
2nd Nick and Me 18:35
3rd Karl and Ward 31:42
4th Kevin and Jeff 31:54


Matthew Patten said...

I would love to brew a beer for the next time you do this.

"a beer" can be a relative term in the home brew community, especially when it exceeds 8% alcohol by volume.

love to see you run after 8 of those.

Kurt said...

I would love it !!! I do this every year. It is noramly either the last weekend in Oct or the first weekend in Nov. Make the dates !!!

keith said...

that looks like quite a challenge. one would probably belch less using hard liquors. I suggest the Everclear Ultra next year!