Monday, November 24, 2008

Minnesota music #2 "The Replacements "

So this weeks band is the Replacements. I know the last weeks band was just put up yesterday but heck it is Monday the start of a new week !!

Just like Husker Du, The Replacements are a band that broke ground for many future rock bands all around the country not just in MN. Paul Westerburg has gone on to have many good solo albums and Tommy Stinston believe it or not is in the "new" Guns and Roses. Chris Mars put out a few good albums as well. Bob died many many years ago. I have heard rumors that there could be a reunion tour sometime ? I will not hold my breath. I try to think about a time when both these guys and the Huskers where playing live every week in town. That must have been great.


Matthew Patten said...


This is scary. My older brother loved Husker do and the Replacements.

Next you are going to tell us you are a meat puppets fan.

I do have some Bob Mould on the ipod rotation.

SteveQ said...

When the Mats and Husker Du were playing in cheap little dives, I always ended up listening to bands like Trip Shakespeare instead.

First Minnesotan to make the top of the charts? Bobby "Boris" Pickett with "The Monster Mash."

Chad said...

The Mats are probably my all-time favorite MN band. I had a college roommate who had the 5-disc changer and The Mats took up all 5 spots. I don't think he ever switched them out.

cadesdad said...

Awesome. Thanks for posting those youtube links. I think I was actually at the show where the Bastards of Young clip was filmed.

Love the 'mats.

Kurt said...


yea I think the Meat Puppets are ok. A funny story I have about them was that I got invited to a house party back in 1991 from some people I worked at Down in the Valley records with and the band playing there was the Meat Puppets. I guess they where friends with one of the people who lived there.


So I also loved Trip Shakespeare back then. Man I think I saw them play like 30 times or more. Great Band and Matt Wilson was a great front man. I will have some video's of them soon !!!