Monday, November 17, 2008

Lawn fun with Evan

So looking at my blog today I can see I was asleep writing it. Sorry !! Not that I am the best writer to start with but man that was bad.

Yesterday was leaf pick up day at the Deckers. Evan was great. Man that kid loves to help out. It was lot's of fun with him out there. But as you will also see all that work made him very sleepy. He slept while I got his coat etc on and all 10 miles of our run plus 30 more min's after in side. The boy sleeps like me also. He sleeps hard !!


Gregg said...

I like Evan's shoes!!

rob horton said...

KURT DECKER!!! WHAT THE FLIP??? so i just got down reading "ultra marathon man" by dean k. and after getting majorily inspired, i find out about anton krupicka and i am spending time on his blog reading about some of his races. i got to the comment section and find a comment from a kurt decker out of minneapolis - go figure!

i am looking forward to catching up via your blog. i just started a new running blog - you might be interested in following that. i am schedule to run a turkey trot 5k here next week - my first road race since 1991. i just returned to the world of running on 9/21/08 - weighing in at 263.5 pounds. i believe i am almost down 30 pounds now. i am training for my first marathon - the flying pig - 5.3.2008.

let's catch up bro.