Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fun morning of trails

Got out this morning down on the MN river bottoms with Adam, Paul ( on bike ) and the dogs for a little time on the trails. So with deer hunting season still going on in the city for a week or so more we figured we would be safe down there. Paul who has been biking allot on his cycle cross bike since he is resting with a stress fractor in his foot has been on the river bottoms down in Shakapee towards Jordan and seen lots of hunters. Yikes !! I was not up for there.

Adam and I had on our great bright orange New Balance winter wind tops. I guess we both where thinking if we get shot in this they where trying to hit us. It was great to have Paul with us even though I new he was not going to be getting a killer workout biking with us running. It just feels good to have your friends out there with you.

As for the run itself I was really feeling the sports hernia today. Man it was sore from the get go. I am sure part of it was because I ran with Adam last night after work. It tends to hurt more when I put in back to back days. Exspecialy when I keep up a solid pace, which is what we did. I do like days like that so I will take the pain. Just 12 days till surgery !! I am looking forward to turning the page.

The week on a whole was much like the past 2 weeks. I got in like 35 miles in 5 days of running. Nothing big but something to keep me going. I think I am going to start getting back to my weights today and hope to keep them up all year long.


Dara said...

Hey, didn't know you were having surgery. good luck! Hope you run pain free after.

Dara said...

Oh, and I love my new shoes. can I get another pair of the old model now?

d-runner said...

Here's my new blogger account...d-runner. Hey, I have a question. Do you know a way to hook me up with like a Pearl Izumi or Nike or one of those companies? I want to try and start repping some sort of sporting apparel, product..... I was having an epiphany yesterday and realized I would really like to work in the industry I'm most passionate about. thought I would try the friend line first. D