Saturday, November 29, 2008

I want to run free !!!

So as I sit here and think about why I run and what I hope to do in the future all I can think about is how free I can feel running. It is a great feeling and one where I feel one with the world around me. I am hopeful to be free once more after I heel up after the surgery. I thought I would share these video's of Karl Meltzer. They make me want to go run this very moment as I see them. Enjoy !!


rob horton said...

hey kurt - i really enjoyed your three new posts. that is cool that the whole family got out and participated together in a turkey trot. i will be sending good vibes your way for your surgery next friday. cheers to a speedy recovery.

Gregg said...

Erik and I were just talking about this. We all obviously love to run and it is a major part of our lives. Once you are "fixed", once again, you will be back doing what you love to do. Even if you cannot return to the peak performances you once did, I'm not even coming close to suggesting this, but, running pain free and "being out there" is better than not being out there at all.
You get what I'm trying to say?
Keep your head up and see you soon.

Helen said...

Kudos to the guy holding the camera!!

Great to meet you and Sonya on Saturday. And Evan - I posted some photos including one of him munching the giant cookie :)

Best of luck with the surgery and hope to see you out on the trails before long.