Friday, March 21, 2008

Time after time......

So the week has gone by and I am happy to say that I have run everyday so far !! I have just tried to get out even when I did not want to, and there was a few days like that. One of the things I believe I have talked about was how not having a plan has kept me wondering around a bit. So yesterday I sat down to put something together. After talking a bit with good buddy Patrick Russell I decided to try a Arthur Lydiard plan. I am using a marathon training plan which I think will work good. Lydiard like the long miles and strengh type stuff so I believe it will transfer well into the ultra marathons. I have always felt that to be a good fast ultra runner you need to train like you would for a hard marathon. We will see how it goes but it is nice to have something to follow and pin up next to my bed to keep me on track. So here is what I did for the week so far running wise.

3/17 Monday- Ran a easy morning run before I went to work. I was a bit stiff. I am sure the harder effort at the race had much to do with that.

Totals: 35:46 5 miles ( Nike Elites )

3/18 Tuesday- Today was a double run go figure. I had a easy 4 miles before work then went for a run with Adam after work from the store. It was a great night to run and it was nice to run and talk with Adam. We got in a solid 6 miles.

Totals: 29:22 4 miles ( New Balance 826 )
45:10 6 miles ( Nike Jasari )

3/19 Wednesday- I did Sonya's hill workout with her before work. My Mom was able to take Evan early with was nice so I could join her. Let me tell you that was f!$king hard !! We did 8 x 600 meter hill. I was ok through the first 4 or 5 but the last 3 where really hard. All in all a tuff run but nice to be with my honey.

Totals: 1:10:12 9 miles ( New Balance 826 )

3/20 Thursday- I ran easy in the afternoon with Evan. It was our first run in the baby jogger for 2008. He is such a good boy !! I was a bit sore after the hills but it was great to run with my little guy and that made everything better. It was very nice outside, hard to think about more snow tomorrow.

Totals: ?? ran with no watch 6 miles ( New Balance 826 )

3/21 Friday- Well let it snow ?? As much as I am so sick of this I would have to say I had fun running in the soft sticky snow. That with my great tunes from my ipod made for a good morning run.

Totals: 44:14 6 miles ( Asics trail attack )

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