Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lost Weekend

So this last weekend was a total lost for me running wise. I got the big old goose egg for miles. The thought of this was really bothering me on Sunday afternoon but I needed to just get over it. On Saturday there was just no time in the morning since Sonya had a big 4 hour run she started at 5am so she could be done so I could be at work at 10am. Man she did that run in the crappy snow !!! She is tuff, and I wish I had just a sliver of that right about now. After work I had hoped to get in a short run before we got to go out to the Mike Doughty concert. Well needless to say work ran long and I was left with no time. Sonya wanted me to still go but I knew we never get to go out like this so I was not going to pass up a date with my wife. On Sunday let's just say running and the crack of dawn in the cold on icy roads by myself at 5am just was not doing it for me. I tired to get up but just could not do it. I need to have a change real soon. I am sick of winning on the blog like everyday now it seems. Tomorrow starts my new Lydiard program so maybe that will work ?

P.S. by the way the concert was GREAT !!!!


dsciacca said...

Hey I bet you were the guy that yelled the "Super Bon Bon" comment. I agree it was a great show.

kurt decker said...

No that was not me but thought it was funny to hear what Mike had to say about it.