Friday, March 28, 2008

Much better week so far...

After that horrible weekend and week last week I feel like I have come back good this week so far. I do not know what it was but I have been feeling good this week and also having a better time of it getting out the door.

I know working at such a great shop like TC Running has been a big lift to me. It is such a pleasure to have all the great people coming into the store and being able to help them out. Look for a little of my influence soon with our trail shoe section to get bigger as time goes by. I know that the amount of trail shoes one store sells is not much compared to road shoes but Adam and I hope to have a better than normal selection for people.

Or maybe it has something to do with the fact I signed up for the Madcity 100k road race which is two weeks from this Saturday ? I went around and around on what to do. There was one side of me saying I was not ready for this then there was the side saying to just do it and put no expectations on myself. What ever the reason I decided to do it. I knew it was going to work well as far as my work schedule and there was just something inside of me pulling me that way. I do not have a goal for the race other then to just have fun with it and get a good LONG training run out of it. With Sonya also running it will be fun to run with her for some of it. We have never been able to run a ultra together so it should be fun !!! I know they are doing a web cast on the race from there web site. So if you are interested go to the Madcity 100k web site and check it out.

Monday 3/24- I ran a easy run down by the lakes once more. I felt pretty good overall. It was my first day on the new plan.

Totals: 43:22 6 miles ( Nike Elites )

Tuesday 3/25- Ran once more down by the lakes. It was a super nice morning for running. Felt smooth and strong. Temps are looking to be getting better !!

Totals: 1:22:10 11+ miles ( Nike Skylons )

Wednesday 3/26- Ran after work from work. I was not sure about this since I have only once run from there and I was going to be by myself in the dark. It all worked out good. I only took 2 wrong turns and in the end I was happy about it since I was feeling so good. It was a super nice night and I had super great tuns flowing on the ipod. I like the rolling hills by work and look forward to seeing much more as time goes by.

Totals: 56:33 8 miles ( NB 826 )

Thursday 3/27- Ran with Sonya and Evan in the early afternoon. Our first run together with Evan this year. I felt great !!

Totals: 1:18:10 11 miles ( Nike Elites )

Friday 3/28- I ran from home down by the lakes with Evan and Summer riding her bike. I was so much fun to have the two of them with me on such a great afternoon. I look forward to more of this.

Totals: 40:10 5+ miles ( Mizuno Precision )


Gregg said...

Now that's the way to get it going Kurt!!! No more pissing around, you have new ultra records to set.
It's nice to see things are going good... keep at it.

nwgdc said...

i can't wait to follow Mad City! i ran part of a half marathon today with Roy Pirrung and talked to him quite a bit about it. Great luck on your upcoming couple weeks, and enjoy the time with Sonya!