Sunday, March 9, 2008

Salviging crapy weekend

So between last nights small get together of a few friends and my morning long run with Paul I found a way to salvage a crappy weekend of running. It was one of the weeks once more where I was going to miss two days of running then all of a sudden I found myself felling like hell mentally wise and missing a 3rd day of the week. Needless to say I was very down on myself. All I know is that I am so so sick of this cold winter and ready for spring where I can have the freedom to run with my son in the jogger when ever I want to !

Things got alot better when a few friends came over and we shared some stories over a few drink and what not. Nothing like friends to pull you out of a downer huh. Thanks everyone !! Between that and my kick ass new job I am sitting pretty good overall.

I met Paul early this morning for a run on the Minnetonka trail. I do like this place with the soft crushed gravel/limestone. It beets the hell out of the roads day in day out. Paul and I talked about lots like normal which was great. It was a tad colder early on in the run with the wind and lack of sun. I did feel rested with that days off. We also kept up a good solid pace. The only bad thing on the run was the fact I needed to go to the bathroom like 4 times overall and that I ripped my favorite tights trying to get over a fence to use the port a pot. I was pretty tired but happy I did it.

2:25:19 20 miles ( NB 826 )

Weekly Totals: 46 ( 4 days of running )

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