Monday, March 3, 2008

A New Start

Today was my first day at my new job at TC Running company. I can not tell you how excited I was to go to work !!! It has been a long time since I felt that way. What a great store with so much to offer all runners. Tons of shoes and clothing. It has been since my days of running the Runners' Edge store for 13 years since I had this much product to work with and this many customers to help !!! It was a great feeling. If you ever need anything or have a question please let me know. I am there Monday tru Wednesday 12-8pm and most weekends.

There was no run today after the crazy 30 miler !!!

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Gregg said...

What! No run after a thirty miler? Lazy.... Hey man, congrats on your new job. I'm glad to hear you are happy and best wishes! If you want to blow up to Duluth on a Thurs. or Friday let me know, we can hit the trails and grab some lunch. Just a thought.