Thursday, March 13, 2008

More of the same

This weeks training so far has brought me much more of the same. While I am very happy with the weather getting warmer I am still holding out for the trails to be open before I say I am 100% happy. This week has found me feeling tired more and more and still feeling less than adequate with my training with the upcoming race season. I have been getting in my weekly long runs pretty good but can not seem to bridge the gap in the middle of the week ? I guess I will keep on trying and see where it gets me. I do know that my "key" race of the year is way off in August at the Leadville 100 but I would like to feel better going into some of these led up events.

On a different note how about Halie saying he was not going to run the marathon in the upcoming Olympics. I am torn on what to think. Part of me is like I get it because of the crazy pollution and all, but it is not as if he would not be running in the same air if he ran the 10,000 meters. Plus it is not as if he is running many miles over many days there in the air. Hell if only 26 miles of running could really be that bad there how is it that normal people who breath it in day after day do it ? While I have the most respect for him I feel as if it is the fricken Olympics and given that you go to the line in what is the ultimate sporting event.

3/11- 35:07 5 miles ( Nike Elite )

3/12- 43:22 6 miles ( Nike Haywards )

3/13- 37:33 5 miles ( Nike Elite ) * VERY ICY AT 6AM


SteveQ said...

Kurt, if you've got the "blahs", just shake things up a bit and have some fun. You're running two minutes per mile faster than I am! You're in great shape, though the Human Race probably won't show it.

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