Sunday, March 16, 2008

Could have been better, but not bad

The title sums up the weekend for me. It could have been better but all in all not to bad I guess. At least it gives me a base line to see what's going on as far as shorter type distances. I have done this long enough to know that this is not a great perdictor for a ultra marathon type distance. The key for me as I guess with all of us is being more consistant with things. Not this roller coaster weeks of running. I am going to try this next week to focus on getting in more miles and sticking with a workout each week. To start I need to write up a plan on stick with it. Some time ago when putting togeather a plan for my wife Sonya for the upcomming USATF 100k championships I figured I would just follow the same thing. Problem was I did not and now allways feel like I am playing catch up with her. I belive I need to just write my own plan. Wish me luck !!

Friday 3/14- Did not run today, we had a team uniform get togeather at TC Running Co. tonight which was nice of Adam to do. I am in a wierd way looking foward to the St. Pats Human Race even though I know I will have a hard run.

Totals: 0

Saturday 3/15- I ran a nice easy run with my ipod before work. I felt pretty good but not as zippy as I would like to feel the day before a race. My second workout of the day was a crazy day of work at the TCRC. Man what a fun feeling helping so many runners !!!

Totals: 35:35 5 miles ( Nike Elite )

Sunday 3/16- Today was race day. It was so great to see all my friends and just all the runners gathered togeather at the race. It was a great day for running weather wise. I had a nice warm up with Pete Gilman and Greg Sorenson. I think we got in like 3 miles on the warm up. During the race I felt like I had on a govenouer on me like those old time cars you could drive at Valleyfair when you where a kid. Running 6:15 miles was pretty smooth but hell 6:00 min miles seemed harder than it should. In the end I held off my tuff ass wife Sonya in running 30:08 to her 30:21. She was ok with her race given things. Last year she was like 29:50 ish so I know she would have liked to be under 30 min's once more but she will take it. For me It was hard to be 3 min's off what I ran hear the last time but like I said I will live with it and move on. Now I just need to decide what to run next ?

Totals: 1:45:?? 15 miles ( Nike Jasari )

Miles for the week: 41 ( ouch !! )


Chris in Duluth said...

Kurt: Ditto on the "running with a Govenor" comment, but that's what ultra training will get us. Good to see you down in St. Paul. Not sure if we'll cross paths this season since my early schedule looks like Chippewa, Ice Age and Voyageur, but hopefully we'll catch up again sometime. Good luck training this spring. -CG

sr in tx said...

You two are amazing. Sonya is so tough! I enjoy your posts.


kurt decker said...

Chris it was good to meet you after hearing my brother talk about you for so long. You are running great !!!

And Shan thanks for the kind words. I will pass along to Sonya how tuff she is.