Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mid Week Re-Cap 3/4- 3/6

It has been a crazy week for me. Starting a new job has been so great in so many ways. I can feel the positive energy from TC Running Company going through me. It is so much better making it through the weekly grind when you know you have this positive part of your life going on. I love working retail and it feels great to be having so many people to help day in day out. I feel like I have also seen the effect in my running this week. Plus with the MN State boys hockey tourney starting up how can a Minnesotan not be happy ! My picks for the winners are Class A: Duluth Marshall and Class AA: Roseau.

Tuesday 3/4- I Ran a easy run from home. I was still a bit tired from the long run but was ok. I am very sick of the cold !!!

Totals: 48:22 6+ miles ( NB 826 )

Wednesday 3/5- One more easy run from home in the morning. I ran by the lakes. Felt better but still feeling the cold to much. I am so sick of this weather I could puke people.

Totals: 1:00:28 8+ miles ( Nike Elites )

Thursday 3/6- I ran a speed workout at the Dome. I was very happy with how I felt overall, but felt I am still in the hole when it comes to total base and speed. I ran like 8x 600's with 1 min rest at 5:15-5:25 mile pace. Still need much more in order to hold the high pace for a longer time.

Totals: 1:09:44 11 miles ( Nike Haywards )


Kel said...

Congrats on your new job at TC Running! Adam is a great guy - I send many clients over there for running swag.

I hear you about the "sick of winter" thing. I rebelled a little last night by cooking up a Caribbean stew, cranking the heat, listening to Marley tunes, and hoisting cold beer(s).

kurt decker said...

I am glad to hear you come into the store. Yea I feel like I am doing everything to keep runnng in this weather. I think I might have copy you on the beer's idea