Monday, March 10, 2008

Getting it done

Today was a recovery run day. I felt over all pretty good after yesterdays 20 miler. Sonya ran 1st so I was able to sleep a little bit longer which was nice. I was super tired last night. So much so I had a hard time making it trough the movie 3:10 to Yuma. That was saying allot since I have wanted to see it since it came out last summer time.

I felt pretty good over all during the run. I am looking to do a lit bit of speed work tomorrow so I knew it was a nice day to keep it short. I am signed up for this weekend St Patty 8k race but not sure yet if I am running it. I know I am far from peak shape that is for sure, and even farther away from any kind of short race like a 8k shape. I guess we will have to play it by ear. In one way I am thinking just use it as a workout and go into it not thinking about racing. Either way it will be nice to be at the races once more. It has been to long !!

Totals: 35:09 5 miles ( Nike Elite )

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