Saturday, August 4, 2007

What the heck ?

When we woke up this morning for the run it looked like for sure it was going to rain on us. So I set up the baby jogger with the rain cover. Evan has been in the jogger with this on but only for purpose of a wind shield. Today was going to be for the real deal. It was so funny as we started out because as Evan looked at the rain falling on top of his head cover he had this look at us of " what the heck is going on " ???? It was like I see this but do not feel it ? Very funny for Sonya and I to see.

As for the run we went down to the lakes with the idea of trying to meet up with our friend Karl but we had no luck finding him. On the bright side we hooked up with our friend Derek S. It was fun to run with him. It was a bit faster than we hoped for since we had a big workout/long run tomorrow but it was great to run with and talk to him anyway. Our run went real well. I think we both where happy. Plus the light rain was nice !!

Miles for the day= 10

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