Thursday, August 30, 2007

Getting back on track

So after my nice day off I got back at it this morning. It was another great run with my two favorite training partners Sonya and Evan. Sonya was coming off a 4 hour run the day before so she was looking for a easy 5 miles. So after we did our loop around lake Harriet I went and added on a few more miles. I felt pretty good today. It has been great watching the World Track and Field Championships on t.v. each day !!! How about Lagat getting the gold in the 1500 and MN girl Kara Goucher getting the bronze in the 10,000 !!! More great races to come this week.

Miles for the day= 9

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Chad said...

Kurt, what do you think Optygen does for you? Given how I've been feeling lately, I thought about buying some today, but couldn't get myself to spend the $55.