Sunday, August 19, 2007

Family Trip to PA.

So this week I was on a family trip to Sonya's hometown of Meadow Lands, PA. We last went there to see all her aunts and unckles two years ago. It is always fun to go see them all. They are super nice and you can see how much they all love Sonya !!! This year was extra special with it being the first time they all got to see Evan. We did lot's of hanging out and watching the kids run around and play. We also went one night to the Pittsburg Pirates baseball game. Man I love that outdoor park. It will be so great when the new Twins ballpark is built. We also spent a day at the county fair. The kids all got to ride all the rides for FREE !!! We had a few of them get sick and empty their bellys.

The running was pretty good as well. It is very hilly there with not many places to run on the street but we found this new trail that was like 29 miles long. It was much like our Luce Line trail. It was a old railroad track that was all gravel. I think we ran every day but 1 there. That other day was went we ran on the local high school track. They had just re-done it and it was very nice. All in all a pretty good week.

Miles for the week: 70

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