Monday, August 27, 2007

Today was a good day for a easy rest day. Man after that workout/long run I felt so so tired. All day yesterday I was tired and sore. I got a pretty good night rest and all but still felt like a easy day would be good. I ran after work down by Cedar Lake. I ran on the trail on the backside of the lake to the railroad section. I decided to just run on the gravel to the end at Hwy 394 and then lop back. It was like 20 min's when I got to the turnaround. I felt pretty good and all but could tell I needed the bathroom soon. So as I was heading back I think I picked up the pace a bit. I still felt pretty good. You know how sometimes when you get by home base you just loose all motivations ? Well today was that for me. As soon as I was by the car I was toast for going farther. Oh well I am sure it was for the best. Let's see what the track brings tomorrow. I have a date with more 600's !!!

Miles for the day= 6

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