Thursday, August 9, 2007

Happy B-day Honey !!!

Todays is my wife Sonya's birthday !!!! Happy B-day Sexy !!! As many of you who know me and Sonya know how she LOVES to run. For many years now she has done a 3 hour run on her birthday. Now last year that was not possible since she had just had Evan, but she did get in a hour run that year. So this year she was looking to run at Hyland Park on the ski trails. We like running there but have not been there for sometime now. The plan was for me to meet her there and run the last hour and half with her. Well life got in the way for her so she only had a few min's in by the time I got there. We had a nice run on the trails. I was feeling ok considering the track workout from the day before. Sonya added on after to get her 3 hours !!! Thanks honey for the run.

Miles for the day= 12

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