Sunday, June 17, 2007

The week that was

So this was a bad bad week for Kurt the blogger. Between having some family come into town, having to go to Duluth to work the Grandma's marathon expo and everything else that went crazy I did not get to blog once !!!

In a nutshell my miles where way down. It was not all by design. I think all in all I got in like 40-45 miles or so. Got in a few runs in Duluth which was nice. Chester park has great trails. Watched Sonya and many friends run the marathon. It was a tuff day for many people. It was very hot !!! Sonya ran great up till 21 then the heat got to her and she slowed some. She ended up like 3:05. I know she was not happy but I am proud of her.

This week I plan to be much much better. Sorry everyone.

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