Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Playing with my mind ?

So today when I went out for my run I was feeling so so stiff. This has been a very common feeling as of late. As I get older I know that this is a most important thing to take care of but I also know I have been very bad about doing it. If I am to get training better for TCM this fall I need to focus in on this much more. To make things even worse It has been kind of hot as of so I have been felling real slow !! After my long run yesterday and the fact that I felt like I ran a marathon I went just a easy 5 miles. I ran on the parkway which was nice. I feel living on the TCM course will be good as I try to play mind games with myself on the course while I train. You know get my head to the point where I feel like I can close my eyes and run strong come race day. All in all it was not a bad run. I will take it.

** Nice picture of Sonya running Grandma's marathon 2007. She is one tuff cookie.

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