Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Getting Better

Today I ran after work from with Nick from his house. I was thinking I was going to run by myself until a last minute call from Nick. What a nice surprise !! We did a new loop for us where we cut down France Ave to the bike path that leads us to the Cedar Lake trails. From there we also did part of the Brownie pond loop and then back to Nick's through the neighborhood streets. Along the way we ran into our friend Jackie Jensen. We knew he lived in the area but just not exactly where. Now we know I guess. Heck he is just like 1/2 mile from Nick's place. They should run more often, it would be good for them both. During the run I felt very good. I felt in control and like I could pick up the pace it will if I wanted to. What a good feeling !! Nick and I are looking to run one more time before they go to Turkey for the next 3 weeks. I guess it is one last trip before Cindy has the baby. It was a nice run and I am very glad Nick called me up. In the end it was like 9 miles. I LOVE running with my friends.

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