Saturday, June 9, 2007

Long live the Easy Doest It 5 miler

Today would have been the Easy does it 5 miler. Last year was the 30th and last running of the race. I have run that race every year since 1988. So in honor of it Myself, Sonya and Steve who has also run it all those years met up and ran the course. It was fun and makes me see what a great course and race it was all those years. After that Sonya and I ran a extra 5 miles so we had a even 10 miles. We both felt OK till the end then dragged our butt's the last mile or so. Man where we thirsty.

In the boys mile the top 4 runner where all between 4:09 and 4:10 !!!! I love running. That's kids for help make my weekend.

This picture is of Summer running the kids race at Easy Does it 2006

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