Thursday, June 28, 2007

Title's ?

So what is in a title ? One of the worst things about do the blog is coming up with a title each time. After a while you just feel like you have used everything possible. Maybe it is just that I am not that creative huh ? SO for now on I will not use a title unless I feel real moved by something.

I got out today after work with Sonya. We ran for Gear to save on time. I needed to get to my parents to pick up Summer and Evan and she was getting a massage after the run !! Perfect post marathon activity for her. We did a nice run around Calhoon and Isles then through the neighborhoods back to the store. I was a bit tired and stiff at times but not super bad. I MUST be better about stretching everyday. I truly believe that will be the key to feeling good pre TCM this fall. We ended up with a solid 10 miles for the day.

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