Friday, January 30, 2009

A Good Read !!!

I find year in year out when talking to other runners we all talk about how hard sometimes the winter can be on us running wise. Myself like allot of runners do like running on some snow and such, but it can get a little old after awhile. Plus I find it much easier for me to skip days in the winter, then I feel bad and then I like most people find I pack on a few extra pounds. I found this good blog post from one Scott Jurek where he talks about taking time off. See even elite runners take time off and pack on a few pounds !!! Also watch the good video he has on there. It is from the guy who wrote "Train Hard Win Easy". Also if you are up to it read the book, it is a good read.


nwgdc said...

I wish he would have posted that about a month ago! I would have quit and hibernated and been alright with it. Hell, SCOTT JUREK does it!
Alas, now I'm into a training mode trying to get better so I don't bonk big time at Chippewa. I'll see you there (when you're on your way back and I'm still heading away from the start/finish line :) )

Kurt said...

Yea right. You will be rockin and rolling I am sure.
I am with you on the taking time off stuff. I should be better about it but I guess I am just mental about that stuff. In the end I do end up with rest days but I am sure I would be better off taking all at once and not this 1 day here and there stuff. Take care.

brent said...

thanks for the link to the jurek post, interesting read!