Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Beautiful Day

I will write more later about my week of running and my views on what is happening today. All I can say is I am moved to tears as I watch this. Regardless of what political party you are part of it is important to me that we are one step closer to being a better place. A place where if you can lead and help our country with your idea's it will not matter what color or sex you are. We are all equal !!!

When MLK did this speech not long ago he was doing so at a time when he was looked at as a lesser person just because of the color of his skin. How sad. I would like to think that today he is smiling.


MN Ultra Runner said...

Great post, looking forward to watching the DVR tonight. While it will still take quite a while to wash all of the discrimination from society, today is a huge step for today's and future generations to see everybody as equal. I don't agree with all of Obama's political philosophies, but his inauguration immediately changes the world for the better in my opinion.

Patrick said...

Its a nice sentiment, but I'm afraid all this proves is that we're capable of electing a ivy league educated black man with just as much misunderstanding of basic economics and an interventionist foreign policy as ivy league educated white men. But I guess he was the lesser of two evils and hopefully it will lead some healing.