Monday, January 26, 2009

Moving Along

Last week was one of just plain moving along. At times I think myself like allot of runners want to see quick progress in our training runs. Maybe sometimes to quick of progress. I feel into that category this last weekend. I started off the week real solid but man as the week went on I felt to tired I thought for the amount of miles I was running. But now as I look back at it I have been running many of my miles at a pretty good clip. I think that with the extra part of all the extra clothing in this cold cold weather gets to you. All in all I had a good week so I should not complain to much. I ended up the week with 45 miles on 5 runs with a long run on Sunday of like 16 miles I guess.

I need to stay positive and keep up the work. This week I hope for 5 or 6 runs and get up to 50 miles for the week. I am going to try and run a bit slower on my easy days. I am sure that will help.


nwgdc said...

I completely agree with on that. I think I fell into a bit of that last week and got burned out a bit. Time for me to slow down a bit.

Gregg said...


Do yourself a favor and dedicate 10-12 weeks of real BASE work. Use a HR monitor if you have to, but keep it easy and you will thank yourself later this summer.

Kurt said...

Gregg I hear you. I am all about base work at this time. I also have been using my heart monitor everyday so far. I just need to listen to it better I think. I am hoping in about a month to have a Max Vo2 test done so I have some better idea on HR limits.