Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not a bad week

So this week I got in 4 runs, Yea !!! The best part is I felt like running more but did not as I knew I needed to cool my jets as I am only 4 weeks out from my surgery. I can say that on each run I felt good and relaxed.

Today I went out with Sonya, Paul and Nick. Sonya was looking to get in 2 hours so she started a little before us as Paul and I only wanted 45 min's to 1 hour. Nick was looking for 1 1/2 hours so he was planning on added on with Sonya after Paul and I dropped off. The footing was pretty good I thought. I was thinking it was going to be much worse but the little snow we got was nice as it stuck to the ice. It also helped that I had put 10 screws in each shoe. We kept the pace easy and also kept up a good conversation. Nice to be out with people !!! When all was said and done Paul and I had 1 hour and 1 min on the clock. I am guessing like 8 miles. The longest yet for me !!

Put this with my run on Friday night where I ran my 5 mile loop in 36 min's and felt easy made me feel good this week about things. I am looking forward to starting with a physical therapist on Tuesday and continuing my journey to building a more perfect runner out of me.

The week ended with 23 miles on 4 runs. It is a start.


Guy said...

Kurt, thanks for the help with the shoes; went out and did 8 miles yesterday and they felt great! I'm thinking about putting screws in my old Cascadias if the trail conditions don't improve. Anyway, let me know if you put that fat ass together;

sr in tx said...


I think it's great that you're thinking about going back to Leadville. It sounds like you are back on track with early training, and should be ready to go.

Screws in the shoes?!? I never thought of that when I lived in MN. I have seen snow twice in Texas, so unless I make a move back up north, I won't have to worry about it.

Take care,

Carl Gammon said...

Kurt, great job on the comeback trail. I was in the store today but missed you. They mentioned you were thinking of going back to Leadville, and that's great!