Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fab 50's and MN trail series

So this is the list of races on this years series. You can find more info on both Steve Quick's blog and on the UMTR site. I would encourage people to join up for the UMTR and look into either this or the 2009 MN trail running series. There are still putting the list of races together for the trail series but it will be fun !!

Here's the dates of the Fab 5 Fifties races for 2009:

April 18 Trail Mix 50K
April 25 Chippewa Moraine 50K
May 9 Ice Age Trail 50K and 50 mile
May 16 Superior Trail 50K
July 4 Afton Trail 50K
July 25 Voyageur Trail 50 mile
August 22 Lean Horse 50 mile (and 100 mile)
September 11 Superior Sawtooth 100 mile (50 mile split)
September 12 Superior Trail 50 mile
October 11 Glacial Trail 50 Mile
October 17 (tentative)Wild Duluth 50K

I haven't decided whether or not the Wild Duluth 100K will count.

Other ultras in the area of note:

April 10,11 Zumbro Bottoms 100 mile and 100K
June 6 F.A.N.S. 12 and 24 hour runs
June 6 Kettle Moraine 100 mile
November 7 Surf the Murph 50K
October 24 Door County 50 mile
February 2 Arrowhead 135 mile
February 7 John Dick Memorial Crusty 50K
August 29(?) Badgerland F/X 12 and 24 hour.
May 2 Cornbelt 24 hour

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