Friday, April 18, 2008

Womens Marathon Trials

In my last of a few post today ( with my new job i do not have time to get online each day like before ) I was going to give my 2 cents on this weekends Olympic marathon trials. Like many I am very excited for this. With a few friends running it is extra great. Make sure you tune in as they will be showing it live on the web Sunday morning at 7am our time. Good Luck to all the MN runners and a extra big good luck to Nicole and Jenna !!! There web site is very good. Check it out.

My Picks:
1) Denna Kastor
2) Blake Russell
3) Kate O'Niell

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Gregg said...

Hey Kurt!
I like Deena as the number one pick.
As for the second two... I think there will be two "dark horses" making the team.
Keep an eye out for Michelle Lilenthal (not too much of a dark horse from time standards as she may be from a name sake) and this is my true dark horse.
Emily Mortensen. She lives and trains in Alamosa and is new to the distance. It sounds like she is fit and has had a good block of training.
It should be fun!