Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ryan Hall & the London Marathon

For those who might not have seen the results from the 2008 London Marathon our very own Ryan Hall was 5th in a time of 2:06:12ish !!! He was with a group of like 8 guys who were on world record pace at 1/2 marathon in a time of 1:02:10 or so !!! Can you believe it. It was such a great race to see. Speeking of this you still can watch the race on demand on WCSN. If you can check it out it is so great to see these runners rocking like this. I truly believe that Ryan will win a medal at the upcoming Olympics. He has the talent, work ethic, and knows how to race. That is one thing about the Olympic and World Championship races in the marathon. They are races and not time trials. Good luck Ryan !!!

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