Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Me and my Buddy

This week so far has been filled with allot of running with my little buddy Evan !! I can not tell you all how much good it feels to have him with me. With all the what seems like "extra" ducks and all on the lakes now he is really into it. Give him his book and he is good to go. Plus when in need of a good nap the jogger works like a charm.

Monday- We ran after watching the Boston marathon on t.v. and the web. It was a good finish in the women's race with the closest finish ever. On the men's side big bad Robert Cheruiyot went after it hard. He was running like sub 2:06 pace for awhile which is very crazy givin the Newton hills and all. We got in a solid hour so like 8+ miles.

Tuesday- We ended up being a bit short on time so we went for the harder pace is better approach. We did this 6.25 mile loop we have which ends with a good 1/2 mile uphill climb. I was feeling real good as we did it in 42 mins. Hell sub 7 pace pushing the jogger was nice.

Wednesday- Not a bad day. I was feeling pretty good over all. I could tell I ran with the jogger for the third morning in a row. My arms can get a bit sore. We did a easy 5 mile loop as we had to get off to Grandma's for a day of fun !!!

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Gregg said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kurt!!