Monday, April 7, 2008

OK Weekend on to Madcity.....

This was a good weekend in many ways and a sub par in others. It was very good in that I got to spend some good time with Sonya and the family. It was a fun weekend at the TC Running Co. I got to go spend a little time at my friend Sean's little sons 1st b-day party. Got our taxes done !! That was all good. Running wise it lacked a bunch but in other ways it was OK. With everyone sick over the last 1 1/2 weeks and with Madcity 100k just around the corner I was hoping to keep away from whatever everyone in my house has had. I am happy to say that I have been able stay away so far. My running has taken a hit with this but at least I am healthy. I am looking forward to this next week and getting ready to head down to Madison this coming Friday morning.

Sat 4/5- I took the day off. I wanted to get out for a run but there was just so much going on and in the end I think it was a good idea. While I have not been sick I have felt a bit extra slow at the end's of my run the last few days. Maybe my body just needs a full day off ?

Totals: 0

Sun 4/6- I was hoping to run with Paul and Adam today but that did not work out. I was happy to join Sonya, Evan, Karl, and Joelle for there run. We did a easy 10 mile loop. I was felling very good. Pace was easy and I felt smooth. Evan is such a good running buddy.

Totals: 1:15:44 10 miles ( New Balance 826 )

Weekly Totals: 48 miles


Kel said...

Good luck at Mad City! Hopefully you won't be running in a blizzard ;)

kurt decker said...

Thanks Much !!!!