Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Time with friends

As many runners will find over time, not only is it great to run alone. But it is so great to share a run with friends. I am so lucky to have the great friends that I do. Today was just one more reminder of that. After I got off work I waited till my good friend Nick to get off work so we could run. Nick lives close by so often we will meet between our homes at the Lake Harriet band shell. So last night when I met Nick the first thing he said was " I am surprised you wanted to wait so long to run ". I quickly told him it was going to be well worth it. As we began to run around the lake and head toward his house I felt great and was glad to be getting in a nice 9 mile run. After Nick turned off I began to make my way home. It was then I was reminded how lucky i am to have my friends and that nothing is better than running with them. Thanks everyone !!

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