Sunday, March 11, 2007

Home run !!

So today was long run day. We desided to do a 10.5 mile loop down at the lakes. That way we could get to new water bottles and gel every so offten. I figured this would be a good idea. When we started I went off with Steve at a tad bit faster pace than Sonya, Tracy and Joelle. I was feeling like it was a bit to fast but I could not seem to slow to much. I was feeling pretty good except for by bathroom stops every 45 min's or so. Many what a pain in the butt !! After 20 miles It was down to Sonya and me. It was going to be nice to run the last 10 or so with her. But low and behold our friend Ward swung by for a few miles. So all in all it was a super nice day out !! Warm running with our friends, and good feelings about how we stood for our upcomming races. I tell you Sonya will be so ready come April 7th for the 100k. If I can keep this building I should be ok as well for Trail Mix 50k on April 21st. So all in all nice day. We got in 31 miles !!! and my rib was not to bad.

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