Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Man is Mom fast

I do not think there is many things much better than getting out for a run with Evan and Sonya these days. It is so nice that the weather is getting nice enough that we can bring Evan with us in the baby jogger. He seems to really like it allot, which is good considering that his Mom and Dad like running so much. Today we went out with Sonya for her warm up then ran together while she went flying off to meet up with us about 5 miles later when she was ready for the cool down. As Sonya took off the look in Evan's eyes was "man Dad is Mom fast" ! I would agree with Evan. I think she looks like someone ready to rip in a few weeks. It's like 10 days to go ! I felt pretty good running with Evan the whole time. I believe we got in like 8 miles or so. Not bad, I will take what I can get.

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