Thursday, March 1, 2007

No !!!

Just when I felt like it might be coming around I was done in by my ipod, go figure. When I went out for my run today after work it was snowing like crazy out. Now I like to run in the snow so I was pretty excited. I think I have said before how I like to run with my ipod. So when I went out yesterday I decided to put my ipod in the inner front pocket of my Montrail team jacket instead of my normal waist pack. Now running down to the lake was not to bad but there was lot's of snow so I was really looking for car's with the crazy weather. I would be safe once I made it to the lake. Just 4 blocks from the lake I saw a car to my left so I made note of where it was. Just then I hit some ice and BAMMMM on was face down on the road. I felt ok but man my chest hurt from the ipod. I thought thank god it did not break. I kept running. But as the run kept going I could tell my breathing was harder. The closer I got to home the more my chest hurt. Now it is the day after and man I think I might have cracked a rib or at least badly bruised them. This sucks !!!! I guess I know no never to wear my ipod there huh.

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