Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a weekend

Man I had a pretty good running weekend. After a nice run Friday with Evan and Sonya I met up Saturday with Paul and Nick at Tierneys woods for some hilly trail loops. Like I said it is just under 2 miles a loop but there is great single track trails and like 150 feet of climbing per loop so 75 feet per mile give or take. Does not sound like much but after many loops it does add up. By the time we got done we ended up with 9 miles of running then it was off to work for me. A nice way to start the day.

Today, Sunday I had a very good run with Paul out at Hyland Park. Man with the snow we got last night it made it very pretty but I will say that when running long that extra 3 inch's of snow does kick you in the ass some. We ended up with what I am saying was 21 miles in 2:47. This makes the 5th or 6 th 20+ mile run of this training cycle. I am very happy about that and looking to keep building on that.

I ended the week with 70 miles. That is back to back 70 miles weeks for me. Yea !! One more week of good training then a rest week leading into Trail Mix 50k.

For a good watch check out the Rotterdam Marathon which was run today. The 1st and 2nd guys both ran 2:04:24 !!! You can watch it here.

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