Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trail Running Camp

Ok this might be the funniest running ad I have seen in some time. Leave it to the Nike people to come up with it. Where you like there shoes or not you have to say they have the best ad's.

Nothing new to report with me. I have been taking it easy after last weekend. I just do not have much mojo going now ?


Kel said...

Well, that would solve most chafing problems ;)

SteveQ said...

I'd have to pass - no one needs to know just how far down my grey hair goes.

I DID do a naked run in 1988.

rob horton said...

too funny kurt :)

so are you going to up at 3 am on sunday morning watching the london marathon? i am :)

Helen said...


hope you get your groove back before long. thanks for the reminder on london rob - should be a great race though it's a pity Radcliffe had to pull out. without her my money's on Dita.

rob horton said...

no problem helen - i am pretty pumped about it. :)